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With Quality Plastics LLC, experience superior plastic injection molding services in Ohio. We commit to delivering high-quality and tailor-made solutions for your plastic manufacturing needs.

Quality Plastics Comprehensive Guide to Properties of Plastic Materials

Dive into understanding plastic material properties. Quality Plastics guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key characteristics of various plastics, helping you make informed decisions.

Surface Finishes and Textures

Injection mold surface finishes All parts have a surface texture resulting from the injection mold that produced them.  Make sure to specify the desired finish you want before the start of mold production. The Plastics Industry Association (PIA) is an independent trade organization in the USA that has created standards for surface finishes on injection […]

Injection mold tooling materials

injection mold tooling materials   There are 5 classes of standard molds defined by the Plastics Industry Association, formerly known as the Society of Plastics Industry, or SPI.  See the table below for further details. For higher volumes, it is recommended to use harder more expensive steels due to long production runs and high service […]

Plastic material selection guide

Overview Plastic material selection is a very important decision for your custom molding project. It is wise to consider the part’s intended application and functionality​ as you begin the process. Things like strength, performance, durability, flexibility, color and texture all need to be considered. The goal is to make sure you achieve a functional and […]

Injection molding basics & history

What is Injection Molding? Injection molding is considered to be the most common way to consistently and accurately mass-produce large quantities of identical components ranging from hundreds to 100,000+ units at competitive prices. ​The basic process cycle is as follows: The polymer resin is first dried and placed in the machine hopper where they are […]